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Takeaways From Episode One of Playmakers

Playmakers Podcast

Today I finally had a chance to get started on the Playmakers Podcast hosted by our friend Jordan Blackman.  Jordan has put together a great lineup of interviews with some fantastic folks such as Lorne Lanning, Mike Mika, Lev Chapelsky, etc.  This episode was a fascinating chat with Jason Della Rocca.

Three points Jason made jumped out at me (mainly because I harp on them as well).  Regardless it was good to hear them coming from Jason as well.

  1. When starting a development studio you need to have three key leads.  Tech expert, creative expert, and…. a business expert.  Someone has to have the experience of running a business to keep your studio up and alive.  So many companies we meet disregard this aspect of the recipe and they end up in trouble as a result.  Building your game may be a passion project, but if you can’t stay in business you won’t be doing it for long.
  2. When building your plan, create a roadmap for multiple (similar) games.  When it comes to pitching to publishers this is going to reinforce that you’re in it for the long haul and you are worthy of investing in.  It also allows you to build internal expertise with the technology and insight you learn from each game.  If you start out creating an RTS and then want to create a shooter as the second project you’re going to end up recreating a lot of work.  You’re also showing the publisher that you aren’t interested in creating a franchise/brand/etc.
  3. Finally, thank about who you are pitching to when you pitch a game to a publisher or your company to an investor.  It sounds simple but we see so many developers that don’t do this.  We keep our system tagged so when a developer needs a publisher for a specific game, we can quickly search our database and find companies with experience in that genre and platform.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab the podcast, do it now.  It’s well worth your time.

May 23rd, 2017
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