What We Do

Ideate and Develop


For the past two decades, our team has produced and tested nearly 100 titles across multiple platforms. Using our experience, network contacts and ongoing industry research, we can help put together focus groups and test plans to ensure your game not only works the way it should but also appeals to the broadest audience possible.  


Licensing is the foundation of our expertise at The Powell Group. We provide full support for inbound and outbound licensing, including licensing opportunity analysis and roadmap creation based on your IP. We can also create customized identification and acquisition programs to find IP’s that that complement your games, and negotiate contracts for partnerships and support.  


We’ve built a vast network of developers, designers, producers, QA and more that we can leverage to bring your IP to life. We’ll work with you to match our carefully vetted vendors with your needs. Or, if you’re a game development team looking for new opportunities, we can match you with IP holders to leverage your talent and creativity.  


Our experienced producers will help create a plan and work with your team to get your game to market on time and on budget, regardless of scope or platform.  

Network and Growth


From small local shows to Gamescom and GDC, we help you navigate the complex world of games industry events. Our services range from providing counsel on how and when to participate in events that maximize your investment, to booking appointments, creating media kits and offering speaking training and interview preparation. And if you need that extra help, we’re also available for onsite support at the conference and follow up training to ensure no loss of momentum.  


With over 75 years of collective experience in the games industry, our team understands how to create a solid foundation to build your team and grow your business. We’ll work with you to help steer your company toward success and provide you with the best practices you need to continue to thrive, with services that include a full SWOT analysis of your team, company, game, or technology.  


When you are pushing boundries with new games or technology you need to make sure you're moving in the right direction. We'll work with you to create online campaigns or one on one focus testing. By leveraging our network of over 4,000 game developers and more than 600 publishers, we will insure your product is answering the needs of your market.

Publish and Distribute


Self-publishing can be intimidating but we can help! Let us give you identify your options and recommend solutions, from on-boarding through gold master, and review agreements on your behalf from contractors to distribution and marketing opportunities.  


We’ve leveraged our decades of experience to create a solid network of publishers, developers and service providers to match with your needs. Let us work with you to identify and outreach to potential new partners for RFP prospects, or to partners in games, advertising, and television/film for new RFPs. We’ll also review outgoing RFP submissions and provide counsel on best practices for creating and maintaining successful partnerships.  


Our team can provide management and training on localization, testing, and QA to allow you to focus on creating a great game. And if you don’t have a team in-house, we can help vet and match a localization partner for you.  

Let's get started.

Our team is here for you. We're excited to start brainstorming ideas for your game or technology. Schedule your free initial consultation to chat with our CEO and learn how our process works.