IndieGameBusiness® Sessions

February 20th & 21st, 2024

Learn more about video game business, marketing, and licensing from industry leaders.

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Join us for our 15th event featuring a wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions for the first time. Tickets to participate in all sessions are completely free.

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In addition to the lectures, meet with hundreds of industry leaders. Representatives from developers, publishers, investors, marketing firms and more will be available for meetings.

Who can you meet?

(Some of the attendees at our last event)


While this series has featured executives from Epic Games, Google, Intellivision, Kickstarter, Global Game Jam, The IGDA, and many more leading companies. We also feature numerous speakers from the indie community as well.

Having a diverse set of speakers is extremely important to us. Our list is highly curated to ensure a well represented group from across the globe and the industry. If you would like to apply to speak at our next event please fill out the form linked below.

Thanks to our friends at Tripwire Presents, all conference speakers will now receive a stipend.

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What Our Attendees Say

"If it was not for this event I would not have gotten my company name in front of so many publishers and AAA dev's. I have a list of publishers that want to work with us on a few games now, and it would have never happened without IGB! It is by far the best thing to ever happen for the Indie scene in a long time."

Joe Saputo - Founder, Oblitus Games

“I have been publishing games for many decades and have attended all the conferences and shows throughout. While those shows are great and are very needed for our industry, your online conference was a breath of fresh air. I know many small developers have a hard time getting to these conferences and even when they do its really hard to make meet the people you need to meet. Your conference gives them as well as publishers like me an opportunity to get 25-30 meetings done in 2 days. I look forward to more of these in the future and I thank you for your efforts.”

Jesse Sutton - CEO, Majesco

"IndieGameBusiness has a wonderful variety of talks about business, marketing and more that go in depth on its topics with industry experts who are on the ground floor. These talks and live Q&A have given invaluable information we haven't been able to find elsewhere."

Deana Galbraith - Founder/Creative Director, Captilight

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